Your book is nothing short of superb! and one that's much needed by folks like myself!!  (As the unrepentant originator of the, "Macro Wide-Angle" image category in last year's CTS, it's a work that was obviously written with people like me in mind.) :-)))


In all seriousness, though, your, 'Essential Guide To Digital Underwater Photography' really is the complete "How-To" book; one that will inspire and encourage owners - and aspiring owners - of digital underwater cameras at every level of skill and proficiency.


A well-structured, comprehensive work, lavishly supported with explanatory diagrams and magnificent images the, 'Essential Guide To Digital Underwater Photography'  will undoubtedly prove to be as much an educational tool for novices as it will a reference work for those with greater proficiency in underwater image making.  


A definitive work packed with readily absorbed information, tips and techniques that have made his underwater images admired around the world, Michael Aw's, 'Essential Guide To Digital Underwater Photography' will undoubtedly come to be regarded as a classic of its kind.


Mate!  I may not ever make it into the ranks of the truly great underwater photographers, but having read through those chapters, I've already learned sufficient to make me want to grab the camera and immediately hop into the water.  Quite simply, it's possibly the finest and most encouraging book of its type that I've ever read.  :-)

David STRIKE - Editor E-Nekton -



Great work Michael, you must have worked overtime to get this to me.

Also, I am already stocking your digital photography book, I think its excellent and I will also recommend it on my U/W image capture classes.

 I also teach a 3 week photography course at James Cook University, Cairns twice a year. July & December. Students are taught on Nikonos & Nikon Coolpix systems.

I will introduce your book to these students every class as well. Your book is really good timing and much needed, well done!

If you see any value in putting these comments in your magazine or web page, you are welcome to do so.


Best regards,

Kevin Deacon

Dive 2000 Pty Ltd  




With the digital evolution, underwater photography has never been easier. But simply finding that rare fish or using a nude model is not a guarantee for a good underwater picture. The mastering of photographic craftsmanship is an essential requirement for producing good work.

This book takes you from the basics, channels your creativity to greater heights and guides you to produce some of the most beautiful pictures of the sea. It will also help you to learn the art form of photography and master the vocabulary of digital imaging. Above all this book will open your eyes to the enjoyment of digital underwater photography increasing the fun factor of your diving.

Dive Safe, Shoot Well!





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